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Cuddly Baby Maternity Pregnancy Pillow

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Pregnancy can be a challenge for mums-to-be, particularly when trying to get comfortable in rest or sleep, and our cuddly baby U-shaped Maternity Pillow can make things a lot more relaxing for you. Our multi-purpose pillow is made with a 100% cotton exterior cover and filled with plush polyester hollow fibre. You can easily bend and scrunch it to adjust to your preferred resting position. The pillow is designed for abdominal support and also helps to reduce neck pain, tiredness and water retention as well as relieving body aches. In fact, not only mums but other people suffering from similar problems and snoring while sleeping would also benefit from using the pillow. And when sitting up, the pillow comfortably wraps around you – perfect for breastfeeding or even reading in bed. The pillow can be used in so many ways that once dad sees yours, he will want one too.

Full-length U-shape design
Multi-purpose pillow
100% cotton cover
Soft and supportive
Plush hollow fibre filling
Support for neck, shoulders and back
Easy to bend and scrunch
Machine washable zipper cover
Available in a variety of colours

Outer Shell: 100% cotton
Inner Shell: Non-woven fabric
Filling: 15D polyester
Thickness: 19.5cm
Dimensions: 136cm x 83cm
Colours: Pink

Package Content
1 x Maternity Pillow
1 x Pillow Case